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Upgrade Your Bathroom to a Home Spa

Imagine this: Every morning you wake up and love spending time in your bathroom. Its calming, spa-like vibe revitalizes you for the day. The only question is, what updates do you need to make in order to create your perfect sanctuary? Clicking through home design websites can be overwhelming. Ultimately, selecting the best luxury bathroom updates comes down to one thing: your lifestyle.

We’ve gathered four favorite bathroom updates. As you read through them, consider your daily habits. Which ones will you actually be able to take advantage of? Which ones will you realistically enjoy?


  • A Heated Floor

For most of us, stepping from a warm shower onto a cold bathroom floor is an instant Debbie Downer. When they were first introduced, heated floors were an incredibly expensive update that didn’t always work as well as one would hope.

Today, heated flooring can be purchased for as little as $1 per square foot. You’ll enjoy a huge range of style and color choices. Additionally, the newer technology disperses heat more uniformly across the floor so you don’t end up with a mix of warm and cool spots.

Who’s This For: Anyone who wants to keep their toes toasty warm. And those of us that live in Minnesota!

Who’s This Not For: Folks who run hot. If you’re always warm, you might want to think twice before installing a heated floor.

  • Separate Water Closet

If you live alone, doing your business out in the open isn’t such a slog. But let’s be honest – do you really want to sit on the throne and make eye contact with your partner while they brush their teeth? If your bathroom can accommodate it, adding a separate water closet will let you go in private.

While a water closet refers to a bathroom in general, in this instance we’re talking about just the toilet. Typically, this separate water closet is located within your master bath. It has its own fan, light, and door that closes.

Who’s This For: Anyone with the room to wall off their toilet.

Who’s This Not For: Homeowners with limited bathroom space.


  • Pocket Door As real estate prices rise and homes get smaller, it’s essential to find inventive ways to maximize your square footage. One simple fix is the pocket door. I love Pocket doors for the space they give you and a clean look. Traditional swinging doors require roughly 14-square-feet of space. On the other hand, a pocket door sides out from the wall, requiring no clearance. This frees up those extra 14-square-feet without the sacrificing a substantial amount of privacy.

Who’s This For: Those who are looking for a space-friendly alternative to swinging doors.

Who’s This Not For: Folks who want the maximum in bathroom privacy. pocket doors are not as sturdy or soundproof as their swinging sisters.


  • Seamless Showers No one loves showering with mold. Unfortunately, mold happens to the best of us. Most people are not jumping at the bit to undertake regular bouts of scrubbing and re-caulking your shower. Seamless showers systems are incredibly easy to clean because they don’t have grout that is hard to clean and allows mold to grow.

Who’s This For: Anyone who wants to keep their shower-cleaning activities to a minimum.

Who’s This Not For: Those who love tile and don’t mind putting in some elbow grease to clean their shower.

If you really feel compelled to incorporate bright colors into your bathroom, we strongly recommend doing so with an accent wall or accessories. These lower-price items won’t cost nearly as much when you decide you’re ready for a fresh look.

Why is this important? While trends are amazing, your bathroom is your sanctuary. Make it a soothing space that’s filled with light. That’s why we recommend you use calm, neutral colors – especially when it comes to your major investments such as your sink, toilet, and shower.



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