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Minnesota Home Improvement

Minnesota Rusco Inc. offers you a multitude of home improvement products and services to improve the look and value of your home and lifestyle. With over 60 years of experience, you can count on Minnesota Rusco Inc. to provide all of your interior and exterior home improvement needs.

Our Mission

Minnesota Rusco diligently works each and every day to exceed customer expectations. And, when we do make a mistake and fall short, we go to great lengths to solve any issue. We also work hard to provide good jobs to our employees who are serving customers just like you daily. Our excellent reputation is a bi-product of our 56 years serving the people of Minnesota. We use only premium quality products. We sell them at significant discounts and we provide customers with after-the-sale service that continues to exceed expectations long after the product has been delivered and installed. Should you provide us the honor to work on your home; it will be our goal to exceed your expectations from the beginning of the project to the very end!

Meet Your Friendly Local Rusco Team


Jay Deems

Jay started his career in the window business at 19 years old working for Thermal Industries, a company with many “firsts” in the replacement window business. He was blessed with a few wonderful mentors who saw more in him than he saw in himself.

His 27 year career saw him rise from a much appreciated factory worker to an Executive Vice President. He moved on from Thermal Industries when he had an opportunity to purchase Minnesota Rusco in 2004.

He is married to Diana and together they have 4 amazing adult children, all of whom are part of the family business. Jay and Diana are also thrilled to be grandparents to 5 beautiful grandchildren!

Operations Team

Jacob Deems, our Vice President of Operations, has been working with Minnesota Rusco for 3 years. Jacob’s favorite part of his job at Minnesota Rusco is working with his fellow co-workers and the values the company upholds:

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  •  Put people over profit.
  •  Do what is right rather than what is convenient.

Professionally, Jacob believes his biggest accomplishment is yet to come, and he can’t wait to find out what it is! Outside of work, Jacob loves spending time with his wife and three daughters A fun fact about Jacob that not many people know about, is that he used to work in the dining room of a retirement home while in high school. Jacob quotes, “Besides this job, it was certainly one of the best I’ve had.”


Romain Wiser, our Vice President of Sales, has been working with Minnesota Rusco for 10 years, and six of those ten years within a management role. Romain’s favorite part of his job at Minnesota Rusco he quotes, “Is allowing members of our team the ability to learn and grown within their roles in the company so they can strive not just survive.” One of Romain’s biggest personal accomplishments is being able to provide his family with a safe and loving home. Romain’s greatest professional accomplishment is helping grow Minnesota Rusco and companies to one of the largest single location home improvement companies in the country. Outside of work, Romain loves being on the water whether it’s summer or winter. Ice fishing and boating are two of his favorite pastimes. A fun fact about Romain that not many people know about, is he has 13 siblings.


Savanna Forster, our IT/Marketing Strategist, has been working with Minnesota Rusco for 6 years. Savanna’s favorite part of her job at Minnesota Rusco she quotes, “Minnesota Rusco allows you to be the best version of yourself. It is truly an opportunity to change your life.” Savanna found herself in the home remodeling industry when she broke her leg in a car accident. Out of a job afterwards, she went in for an interview for a marketing position. Savanna refused to stop calling back until they finally caved and gave her the job. Outside of work, Savanna loves spending time with her husband and four children. A few fun facts about Savanna that not many people know about, is she was accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University for Aerospace Engineering, kicks butt on Guitar Hero, and has never lost a game of monopoly (junior doesn’t count).


Sean Orr, our Financial Controller, has been working for Minnesota Rusco for 2 years. Sean’s favorite part of his job at Minnesota Rusco is working with his fellow co-workers. Sean’s greatest joy is raising his amazing daughter. Outside of work, Sean likes to go boating with his family. A fun fact about Sean that not many people know about, is he grew up in Florida and spent his free time surfing.


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