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Are you thinking about bay windows for your home in Brainerd, Saint Cloud, Rochester, Mankato, Owatonna, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Bloomington, or any other Greater Twin Cities community? Then turn to Minnesota Rusco for exceptional products and expert bay window installation. Our windows are manufactured by ProVia right here in the U.S., and our bay window products can add a beautiful dimension to the exterior of your home that you may have never considered.

Bay Windows

Contact us today to learn how we can replace the windows in your home. We are currently servicing Eagan, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Rochester, Owatonna, St. Cloud, Brainerd, and other nearby areas with one or more bay and bow windows.


What are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are a series of three or more windows that protrude out of the exterior wall of a home. They have one fixed picture window in the center, with smaller operable windows on each side. The side windows are angled, creating a beautiful focal point. For this reason, bay windows are often added to increase a home’s curb appeal and value.


What Are the Benefits of Bay Windows?

Bay windows have many aesthetic and practical features that homeowners can benefit from. They add to the aesthetic of both the interior and exterior home design, increase square footage, and illuminate living rooms. With operable side panes, bay windows also provide excellent ventilation to a room. Certain configurations can even include a seating area and storage underneath for practical purposes.


An Attractive Focal Point

These windows are designed to bow outward from your home, which can provide the illusion of a larger interior room. From the home’s exterior, bay windows create an attractive focal point.


Picture windows frame an unobstructed panoramic view of the outside, while the adjacent windows add character to the design. Homeowners can place casement windows or double-hung windows on each side of the fixed pane to complete their bay window configuration. The result is a stunning arrangement especially suitable for Victorian- and traditional-style homes.


You can further customize your windows with decorative art glass, grids, exterior colors, and custom roofs for individual windows.


Added Storage

Bay windows include a compartment underneath that adds square footage to the home. Installing a bay window allows you to use the area beneath the window as storage. It can hold blankets, pillows, or other household items. Homeowners may turn the space into a cozy reading nook by adding a seating area. The window seats could provide additional storage space underneath.


A Brighter Home

The structure of bay windows has multiple single panes, allowing light to enter from each window angle and bounce off adjacent windows. Because of this unique feature, bay windows abundantly welcome natural light into the home. This can help brighten your interior rooms and make the space feel larger.


Types of Bay Windows

After considering the benefits of a bay window replacement, it is helpful to consider the available styles.

  • Box Bay Windows: The box bay variety is one of the most common styles of bay windows. Characterized by a box-like appearance, these windows are rectangular-shaped with straight panels.
  • Canted Bay Windows: These windows consist of flat panels arranged in a curve. The canted style is appropriate for Victorian and modern homes alike.
  • Oriel Bay Windows: Oriels are typically used on the upper floors of a property and are supported by corbels. They are often used in classic, traditional, and antique-style homes.


Differences Between Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows are often confused with bow windows as both configurations have a similar design.

The main difference between the two designs is that the bay design features a configuration with different window sizes. The picture pane is larger than the accompanying side panes. Conversely, bow windows feature a series of equally sized window panes.


Why Choose Minnesota Rusco for Bay Windows? 

Minnesota Rusco is the premier windows dealer in the Twin Cities. Since 1955, we have proudly served residents of Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Lakeville, and all other communities throughout the Greater Twin Cities region. You can be confident in your window purchase from Minnesota Rusco, backed by a lifetime warranty.


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Along with our attractive bay windows, we also offer many other window styles, including casement windows, double-hung windows, and sliding windows.


To learn more about our bay windows, the other types of windows we carry, and our expert window installation service, contact Minnesota Rusco today.


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