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Spring is the best time to inspect the exterior of your home. The reason being, if you have any issues with the home, they can be addressed before lots of rain water gets in and make matters worse, and it also allows you an ample amount of time to repair or replace the damaged area. […]

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Home Building and Remodelers expo

Are you ready for the Home Building and Remodeling Expo presented at the conveniently located Minneapolis Convention Center. This comprehensive and expansive home show brings together homeowners and many of the most knowledgeable and experienced remodeling and building experts. Every aspect of the home can be explored, from the smallest design detail to the largest […]

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Windows, Doors, and Siding problems

Well we all can say at one point in our lives that we have had some issue or problem with either windows, our siding, or our doors on our home. But when you do have a problem what do you do with it? Here is a better question how much are you going to have […]

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Shopping for windows

Your home is your very own resting place where you spend a good portion of your life. It’s your place to kick back and enjoy the small things that count the most. It’s also very likely the largest single investment you’ve ever made. So when it comes to doing home improvements to your home, choose […]

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Find the windows of your dreams

Lets dive into what some options are as far as replacing windows and doors. Starting with different options that are available now-a-days. There are many different types of windows available on the market, but which one is the best fit for you? Should you get a double pane window, a triple pane window? Should you […]

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It gets cold in this great state of Minnesota and that we all can agree. Its nearing our favorite time of the year(for true Minnesotans). But what does all this cold weather really bring?   Well to start with Snow(eventually), then followed buy hot cups of hot chocolate and who can forget sitting around the […]

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