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Summertime Condensation

Did you know windows could condensate on the outside in the summertime? It is unusual and is a phenomenon that began to happen with the invention of the Low Emissivity Glass.   It is similar to wintertime condensation only the season is different and the location of the condensation is different.   Here is what […]

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Do you ever wonder how a company starts?

Minnesota Rusco Inc. used to be a branch of a larger corporation that manufactured and sold steel storm windows way back in the 1930’s.   An office was opened up here in the Twin Cities in 1955. The current primary owner Mel Hazelwood started with the company as a shipping clerk.   From there he […]

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Minneapolis Windows and Doors

Sure enough there are tons of contractors you could go ahead and get that work done with, Windows and Doors are two of the BIG things you may have to do on your home someday if you have not already that is. There is a lot of different companies out there and how do you […]

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Today is the day

Go ahead and take those dreams and make them them into a reality. Only thing stopping yourself is you. Procrastination is the # 1 reason why people don’t get married, buy a house, and worst of all don’t do the things they enjoy the most. They’re will always be something to do and that’s a […]

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A Work of Art

Each Dream glass customized window is made by hand. The possibilities of color variations, striations, random seeds(bubbles) and other natural effects mimic the look of stained glass and are not to be considered flaws. They are a natural characteristic of a handmade product. Whether you would like a more traditional pattern or maybe a more […]

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Another day in paradise

Who is to say what makes a day a great day? Could it be the weather? Could it be your attitude towards life? Or is it just that feeling you get and you just know that nothing could possibly go wrong and nothing will go wrong. That is the feeling you get when you deal […]

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Call now for a free no cost or obligation estimate

Now is the time to at least obtain the necessary information regarding getting that door tightened up or the window replaced that has been getting put off for long enough. Call 952-935-9669 or visit or website to get that ball rolling in the right direction. We would be happy to help, your only a […]

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