Exterior Updates from Small to Large

Your house may be a beauty inside, or updated in the right area’s -kitchen and bath, new carpet, fresh paint on the walls- but if the exterior is lacking… people’s first impression may be lacking. Siding and windows can be expensive, but the return on investment can be huge! This can be especially true if you are living with old, single pane windows or no insulation, in which case you may see immediate cost reduction on your energy bills!

  1. Entry door –It’s first thing people see as they pull up! A great front door can add a lot of character, elegance or a pop of color. Provia has a great assortment of entry doors that are high quality and in a range of styles.

  1. Walkway – Even basic updates, like a new concrete patio and walk way, can give a fresh new look. The walk way to your house adds a ton of curb appeal and sets the tone for the whole home. The design should reflect the character of your home.
  1. Landscaping – You don’t have to be a gardener and love flowers to have a nicely landscaped yard. If you love flowers and have a green thumb- by all means add flowers galore! If you want a low maintenance yard, be sure to choose shrubs that are perennials, easy to trim, and fit the space that you place them in.

  1. Siding, soffits and fascia – You can have a beautiful yard, but if your siding is old or your house needs painting, there’s no other choice but to update. The options out there range from aluminum siding (least expensive), to engineered products like LP siding or Hardy Board. When you do take the plunge to install new siding, make sure your house is well insulated.
  1. Windows – When it comes to your windows, the reason for an update could be the NECESSITY of replacement because a seal is broken:

Or you may just want to update the style:

Either way, once you bite the bullet and replace them with vinyl insert windows, you will be thrilled with the fresh new look and ease of cleaning!

Perhaps just a few of these updates may already be on your list, or possibly all of the above! The best way to start is to make a list in order of priority and what you have in the budget. Then start chipping away, one update at a time, so that when the snow melts, you’ll have a fresh new look.


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