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Peak Performance Glass

Most of us replace our windows to conserve energy and reduce our heating and cooling cost. Considering the fact that glass makes up 80% of a window, and dictates how the window will perform, its important to choose the right glass for your climate.

Introducing the right glass for your home…….Peak performance glass

Four times more energy efficient than standard single-pane glass, Peak performance Glass keeps your home comfortable year round by reducing heat loss in the winter and reflecting the sun’s heat back outside during warmer weather. Peak Performance Glass also helps protect your home’s furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Components and Technology

The Peak Performance glass system is a dual-pane insulating glass system constructed of one lite of high performance LoE glass and one lite of clear glass. The air space between the two lites of glass contains Argon gas, while Intercept Spacer System seals the glass unit.

How does LoE work?

Peak Performance LoE (low-emissivity) Glass is treated with a thin transparent coating of metal oxide and silver. Here is a brief definition of how it works..

1.) Allows natural light to freely enter your home

2.) During winter months, long wave heat energy radiating from indoor objects is reflected back into the house, keeping your home warm while lowering your heating costs

3.) In the summer, outdoor long wave heat energy, radiating from objects, is reflected back outside, lowering cooling costs. It also reduces the penetration of ultra-violet rays to minimize fading of carpets and draperies.

Warm-Edge Spacer System

A window’s spacer system holds and seals the panes of glass together in an insulating glass unit. The performance of this spacer system is critical in determining the energy efficiency of your windows. Peak Performance Glass features the Intercept Spacer, a unique U-channel spacer design that helps reduce heat loss near the edge of the insulating glass unit by reducing conduction.

This U-channel design also improves the longevity of your windows. In ordinary insulating glass designs, the spacer’s sealant, not the spacer expands and contracts during daily temperature changes, creating stress on the unit and eventually causing the sealant to fail and insulating gases to escape. With Intercept, the actual spacer expands and contracts, reducing stress on the sealant, and enabling your windows to maintain their insulating integrity.

Insulating Gases

In a normal sealed glass insulating unit, air currents between the two panes of glass carry heat to the top of the unit while cool air settles at the bottom. Peak Performance insulating glass units are filled with Argon Gas, a non-toxic, clear and odorless gas. Argon is denser than air and prevents the formation of convection currents, and thus the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside of the home.. This improves your home’s comfort while lowering your heating and cooling bills.

We hope you learned something, any questions feel free to ask, we are always here to help!! 🙂

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