Tips for Hiring the RIGHT Contractor

Research Their Track Record

It’s fast, free and easy! Contact Better Business Bureau to obtain Business Reviews and see if they are accredited.

Ask for Multiple Quotes

Shop around and get at least three written

Verify License and insurance

Ensure that companies have a current license to do work in Minnesota at Also make sure they are fully insured.

Check References

Ask companies for three references and verify them before you sign a contract.

Inquire About a Lien Waiver

Ask whether the contractor will provide a lien waiver upon completion of work. A lien waiver is a statement by the
contractor that all suppliers and subcontractors have been paid for their work.

Confirm Building Permits

Permits are for your protection and help ensure work will meet local building codes. Your contractor must have permits before starting your project. Homeowners usually bear the cost as part of the contract, but the contractor is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits.

Consider Future Service Issues

If you choose to do business with a company that isn’t local, you might have difficulty resolving any warranty or service needs that may arise after the project is completed.

Get it in Writing

Do not allow work to begin without a signed contract that includes start and completion dates, detailed description of services to be provided, any costs or allowances, payment arrangements and
warranty information. Be aware that anything you sign is a contract.

Don’t Count on Verbal Promises

Verbal promises should be written into the contract, including warranties on materials or labor.

Arrange a Payment Schedule

Never pay in full in advance of a project. Do not pay cash or write a check to a person instead of the company. Stagger your payments according to agreed-upon stages of work completion and make a final payment only when all work is finished.

Source – Better Business Bureau


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