Walk in Tubs Minneapolis

Walk in Tubs for Minneapolis Homeowners

Walk in Tubs MinneapolisWalk in tubs can offer Minneapolis homeowners an opportunity to create a bathroom that is more easily accessible and safer for elderly household members or those with physical mobility challenges. At Minnesota Rusco, we are proud to offer a variety of walk in tub products and expert installation to our customers located throughout the Greater Twin Cities region.

While most people don’t see the bathroom as a place that causes anxiety or fear, for individuals with mobility issues, it can be quite a different story. You or a loved one may be constantly worried about slipping and falling on wet surfaces, tripping over the bathtub ledge, or standing for long periods of time without a place to sit. That’s where our walk in tubs can help. These products feature interior seating, low-profile edges for easy exit and entry, and, because water can fully engulf a bather up to his or her shoulders, these tubs can serve as a therapeutic tool to ease sore and aching muscles.

Our walk in tubs aren’t the only products we offer that can help transform your bathroom. We also offer durable, long-lasting shower liners, tub liners, and can complete full-scale bathroom remodeling jobs as well. Let us help you create the bathroom oasis you’ve always wanted.

To learn more about any of our exceptional bathroom remodeling products and installation service, contact Minnesota Rusco today. We are proud to serve homeowners in Minneapolis and all other surrounding areas.


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