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What makes a Good Patio Door?

Lets face it, the Patio door is probably the largest window in your home. What are the determining factors as far as what makes a good patio door? Is it the Strength, the Beauty, or the Energy Efficiency of the door, or maybe its all of the above. Our Patio door System provides homeowners like you strength and durability for the long haul.

Standard features such as the fully-welded vinyl construction with aluminum reinforcement, superior wedging interlock and our exclusive monorail track are just a few of the design enhancements that will enable our Patio door to provide you years of performance and comfort.

We can say we have the widest variety of options to accent your patio door to complement the decor of your home, your not just buying a patio door your buying a solution to a problem that could be fixed by a number of different contractors. Is it important to you to just get any old patio door or do you want THE PATIO DOOR, that really makes the statement that you take pride in your home and you care about what you put into/on your home.

Give us a call @ 952-935-9669 to start the process and see for yourself why Minnesota Rusco has the BEST patio door on the Market! Don’t forget for a Limited Time there is still a $500 tax credit available to those who qualify 🙂

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