Why do we use Argon Gas in our windows?

A very common question we hear a lot is what is Argon Gas, and why do we use it in our replacement windows? If you are wondering about this, believe us, you are one of many who have had this question cross their mind. We are here to answer that question and let you know why Minnesota Rusco uses this particular gas inside of our vinyl replacement windows.

The answer to this question is: Argon Gas is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic gas which is six times denser than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce temperature transfer. All of our window replacements come standard with Argon gas, with the possibility of upgrading to a Krypton gas. We use Argon Gas to increase the efficiency of our replacement windows. These gases are added between the 2 panes of glass as they are manufactured into their sealed glass units. Once these gases are installed into a replacement window, they are denser than regular air thus increasing the efficiency of our replacement Windows.

In deed it is more important if you live in Minnesota to have this particular gas sealed into your replacement windows. The overall effectiveness of Argon and Krypton works best in extremely cold climates. As a matter of fact, most of the benchmarks for these gases were done at zero degrees. Anyone who lives in Minnesota knows that we regularly get that cold during the winter months! The truth is, Argon & Krypton’s performance is best utilized in very cold climates.

Do you know what kind of windows you currently have? Do they have Argon or Krypton Gas sealed within the panes? If you don’t…Contact us now we would be honored to show you the advantages of this great component we use on a regular basis. If you have replacement windows with Argon or Krypton Gas now, give us your feedback on how much of a difference you feel it has made in the energy efficiency of your home.
Argon Gas... What is that?
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